Marco Service – repairs of ships, steel structures and vessels

Marco Service Sp. z o.o – Stocznia Remontowa (Repair Shipyard) provides the services of repairing vessels and building steel structures, including stainless steel and aluminum structures.

The Repair Shipyard, including our floating dock, are located at ul. Kujota 20, 70-952 Nab. Ciche Szczecin, Poland, while the shipyard offices are located at ul. Władysława IV 1, 70-651 Szczecin – Nabrzeże Bułgarskie, Poland.

The Repair Shipyard is located at Nabrzeże Ciche and offers a 220 m long quay, including workshop halls and a floating dock.

We provide the full services of repairs/overhauls as required by the ship repair regulations and institutions.

In addition, we provide the services of machining – reconstructing non-typical machine parts and various components, i.e.: pinions, gears, pins, disks, etc.

We have the capacity to provide heat treatment for the manufactured components and parts.

Our company holds the ISO 9001 certificate - Quality Management System, AQAP 2110- 2009 as well as Licenses issued by the Minister of the Interior and Administration No. B -028/2011 for providing repair services of military and police watercraft.

Wojskowy Dozór Techniczny (Military Technical Inspection) No. 491-01/WDT/UTB/13


Leopold Szner - Chairman of the Board - Member of the Board

Ryszard Mazur - Vice-Chairman of the Board - Member of the Board