Our company offers dock-based services for vessels.

Dock parameters:
Lc= 60,0 m
Lp = 40,0 m
B = 16,0 m
T max = 4,2 m
Deadweight capacity = 500 T

Our offer includes the following scope of services:

• repairs/overhauls of small-sized seagoing and inland vessels.
• repairs/overhauls of military and police watercraft.

The scope of work includes:
• maintenance and painting services
• replacement of hull structural components
• repairs/overhauls of propellers, rudders, tailshaft systems, transmissions and steering transmission systems.
• repairs/overhauls of main drive internal combustion engines and power generation units.
• repairs/overhauls of hydraulic power and automation systems.
• manufacturing any steel, aluminum and stainless steel structures.

Our Company is recognized by the Polish Register of Shipping, we hold the ISO 9001 : 2009 , AQAP 2110: 2009 quality certificates and the licenses of the Minister of Interior and Administration No. B -028/2011 for providing repair services of military and police watercraft.

Wojskowy Dozór Techniczny (Military Technical Inspection) No. 491-01/WDT/UTB/13

  Building and manufacturing steel structures.

a) Machining services:
- turning up to the workpiece diameter of 800 mm, length up to 3000 mm
- machining crankshafts up to the diameter of 270 mm, length up to 1000 mm
- milling external straight and bevel gears, modules from 0.75 up to 5 meters and up to 650 mm.
- milling components up to 900 mm long
- planing and grinding flat workpieces 700 mm wide and 2500 mm long
- balancing rotating workpieces with a max. diameter of 900 mm, weight min. 3 kg

Making non-typical details for machines and equipment
- manufacturing simple compression molds and models for plastic and rubber moldings.
– heat treatment.

b) Metalworking and welding
- manufacturing and installation of structures: tanks, silos, jigs, foundations, trusses.
- manufacturing ship equipment components i.e. hatch assemblies including its tank and cover, watertight and splash-proof doors, base hawser ports, mooring rollers, including machining mooring rollers, mooring system structures, etc.

  Repairs of ships including:

a) Deck Department.
- Painting/maintenance services supervised by recognized manufacturers of paints, covering underwater and above-water hull sections, decks, ballast tanks and cargo compartments.

Overhauls including :
- steering gears
- shaft lines, including variable pitch propellers
- transmissions
- any type of propellers
- ship bottom fittings, sea chests
- anchors and anchor chains.

b) Deck Department.
- repairing machinery, deck equipment (windlasses, chain winches, etc.)
- repairing, replacing cargo handling equipment (pulleys, pulley blocks, ropes/cables, etc.)
- replacing shell plating and preparing steel structures.

c) Engine Department.
- overhauls and routine repairs of main and auxiliary engines
- overhauls and repairs of turbines, turbochargers, compressors, centrifuges.
- repairs of fuel and water pumps.
- valve seat and valve machining.

d) Piping/Boiler Department.
- manufacturing and replacing any pipeline systems
- repairing steam boilers, including fittings.
- repairing, replacing valves and dampers.

e) Electrical Department.
- repairing and rewinding electrical equipment, generators, motors, transformers, welding machines, rectifiers.
- comprehensive preparation of ships for the Polish Register of Shipping (PRS) inspections.
- replacement and acid and alkaline battery forming,
- repairing, adjusting electrical automation units.

f) Refrigeration Department.
- overhauls, repairs of refrigeration systems, including fittings, valves, condensers, evaporators, pumps,
- overhauls, routine repairs of refrigeration compressors.

g) Power Hydraulics Department
- repairs, overhauls of power hydraulics systems, repairing pumps, motors, cylinders, distributors and valves.
- repairing power hydraulics for deck equipment (hatchway covers)

h) Retrofitting
- retrofits and repairs of woodworking and manufacturing machinery.

We look forward to collaboration in the scope of repairing ships at our quay or at a customer-assigned site.