Marco Service

We INVITE you to submit Requests for Proposals for ship repair and upgrade, its equipment, repairs of any structures, mechanical, electrical and radio-navigation systems.

Services are provided both in our shipyard as well as on a site appointed by the Orderer.

Vessel docking, upgrades and repairs

The scope of services:

  • repairs of small seagoing and inland waterway vessels,
  • repairs of military and police vessels.

The scope of services includes:

  • paint coating-rustproofing services,
  • hull structure replacement,
  • repairing propellers, rudders, shaft lines, gear trains and steering gears,
  • repairing main propulsion combustion engines and generator systems,
  • repairing power hydraulics and automation systems,
  • manufacturing any steel, aluminium and stainless steel structures.

Vessel system and equipment repairs and upgrades

The scope of services includes repairs and upgrades of:

  • rudder system,
  • shaft lines,
  • gear trains,
  • any type propellers,
  • bottom fittings, Kingston valves,
  • anchors, anchor chains and anchor accessories.

Repairs and upgrades of mechanical systems, steel, aluminium and stainless steel structures

a) Machining services on offer:

  • turning workpieces up to 800 mm in diameter and 8000 mm long
  • grinding shafts,
  • milling external cylinder gears both straight and bevel with a module of 0.75 to 5 and a diameter up to 650 mm,
  • milling workpieces up to 900 mm long,
  • plaining and grinding flat workpieces 700 mm wide and 2500 mm long,
  • balancing rotating parts with a max. diameter of 900 mm and a minimum weight of 3 kg.

b) We deliver custom details for machines and systems:

  • manufacturing simple compression moulds and models for plastic and rubber mouldings,
  • heat treating.

c) We provide metalworking-welding services:

  • manufacturing and installation of structures, tanks, silos, mount bases, foundations and lattice structures
  • manufacturing, repairing and installation of ship equipment i.e.: hatch structures including tank and cover, watertight and spraytight doors, mooring pipes and mooring line reels including machining the rolls, mooring mechanisms etc.,
  • manufacturing and repairs of steel and aluminium structures (excluding load-carrying structures for civil engineering).

Operations carried out in particular production departments:

a) Dock work-rustproofing department

  • hull maintenance (disassembly, repairing hull’s structure),
  • paint coating/rustproofing,
  • paint coating/rustproofing,

b) Mechanical and electrical services department

  • major overhauls and routine repairs of main propulsion engines and auxiliary engines,
  • major overhauls and repairing turbines, turbochargers, compressors, centrifuges,
  • repairing pumps, including fuel pumps, water pumps,
  • grinding valve seats and valves,
  • repairs, upgrade and refurbishment of propulsion systems, propellers and rudder systems,
  • repairs, upgrade and refurbishment of electric systems, radio and navigation equipment,
  • repairs and rewinding electric machines, generators, motors, transformers, welding machines, AC-DC converters,
  • replacement of batteries, formation of acid and alkaline battery cells,
  • repairs, adjusting automation systems,
  • major overhauls, routine repairs of cooling compressors,
  • repairs, upgrade of power hydraulic systems, including pumps, motors, cylinders, distributors and valves,
  • repairs, upgrades of power hydraulics for deck systems (hatch covers),
  • overhauls and repairs of woodworking machines and equipment.

c) Metalworking-piping department

  • repairs of devices, mechanisms and deck equipment, including anchor windlasses, anchor chains, mooring winches,
  • repairs, replacement of reload transshipment equipment (pulleys, sheave blocks, ropes/cables etc.),
  • manufacturing steel and aluminium structures,
  • preparation and replacement of any piping systems,
  • repairs of steam boilers, including fittings,
  • repairs, replacement of valves, slide gate valves.

d) Machining department

  • manufacturing, refurbishment of components according to customer's requirements using machine tools, forming machines, grinding and coating,
  • manufacturing and refurbishing for the needs of remaining production departments.